Monday, April 4, 2011

I won't forget





I just don't ever want to forget...

The way she asks me to dance with her in the middle of a restaurant, and I do

Her soft chubby cheeks that I kiss goodnight every night long after she is asleep

The way she grabs my face and looks into my eyes and gives me a big kiss with her binky in her mouth

How she loves playing grocery store and now owns 3 shopping carts.

How she loves looking for bugs and is so fascinated with them and picks them up and kisses them.

That her favorite snack is prunes

Her singing and how she gets all American idolish when she gets really excited.

How she loves playing pretend and likes me to be the wicked witch from the wizard of oz. She likes to do something nice for the witch so she will be nice and not wicked anymore.

How I am learning that when I get irritable or frustrated with her, it is my cue to stop and be in the moment with her. To listen and ask questions and love.

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nic said...

i love it all (especially the bug-kisses!). what a precious, beautiful age.