Monday, April 11, 2011

Bayley boo

Today Bayley put her shoes on the right feet all by herself.
I couldn't believe it, I remember thinking just the other day how far away that milestone was. She is growing so fast, I feel like every time i turn around she looks older, acts older,is older. Thank goodness she still has her baby cheeks and I kiss them and gobble them up every chance I get. I Love baby cheeks!!!

The other day I spilled some wax from a candle on my nightstand and I didn't clean it up right away. Today bayley noticed it was cleaned and said "oh, you cleaned the wax off I see".
She is so serious at times it makes me laugh.

She also dumped the entire bottle of brand new bubbles in her bath tonight and said "I just wanted more bubbles"

I had my second dr appt with the naturopath today and I feel great.

Next post will have pictures.

Sleepy time

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Rachel said...

So enjoying your daily posts, pictures or no pictures. I love your blog so much- it is amazing!
And love this- "Oh you cleaned the wax off I see." Haha! She is too cute!