Saturday, January 30, 2010

19 months and some stories


Something about last night was so magical, it's like all my senses were maxed out.  maybe it's this wolf moon??  Nothing extraordinary happened, but maybe that was why I felt so peaceful and really in the moment.  We hadn't been outside all day and the sun was setting (that usually doesn't happen).  We bundled up in coats and we went for a walk, just bayley and i.  no phone, no stroller, no camera, no bags.  just us.  the sky was baby blue with scattered coral pink clouds that turned fuscia and looked almost metalic.  the moon was glowing and bayley kept showing me where it was every step of the way.  we walked down the street i like that is quiet and calm stopping to look as the flowers closed and went "night night".  she picked one and smelled it like it was the last flower she would ever smell, inhaling forever and then giving it to my nose to smell.  bayley pointed out every color, every rock, every puppy and every piece of plastic kiddy toy equipment in the yards.  she even made a grumpy old man sitting on his porch smile with her oh so enthusiastic "HI!!!"  we just walked, breathing in the night air filled with scents of home cooked meals, sprinklers, and the schools blacktop.  we were almost home and she wanted me to carry her.  she gave me a big smile and then a big kiss.  she clung on to me and her legs dangled and i asked her "can you just stay like this forever?"  she looked at me like she knew what i meant and said "i will".  i had tears in my eyes and she just looked at me like an old soul.  returning home i felt a plethora of peace, i like that.


so maybe i'm just bragging, but my baby girl is really smart!!

she knows these letters when they are shown and says them quite perfectly:  A B D F G K M O U W X Y Z

and these numbers:  1 2 6 8 9 10

She surprises me with something new everyday

like how she loves doing (assisted)somersaults
oh and watch your valuables, money and jewelry are two of her favorite things!!

I would write down all the words she knows but I don't have time, there are just so many.  Some comprehendable, some only comprehendable to me and some only comprehendable to her.

cookie sounds like "cuckoo" in cuckoo clock

her new favorite t.v. show is super why, she calls it "why why" and she would watch it all day long if i let her.
good thing it's educational.  i'm not too big into t.v. but if i can get the dishes done and feed her lunch and she's happy, then a little t.v. is nothing but helpful.

So I'm reading Elizabeth Gilbert's (author of Eat Pray Love) new book Committed and so far I love it!!!!  Her writing is so real and funny too.  Did you know that I met her and she signed my book and answered two of my questions???  Yep....that was awesome.

Oh ya this post is about Bayley being 19 months....

There is so much to write about really, because we just forget so much.  We don't think we ever could, but it's amazing how much you forget so very quickly. 

So details are important, because i want to remember the little things that are so precious.  Like how she loves snuggling right now, and she may not want to in a week and then that phase is over.  So instead of getting frusterated at how i can't really move because she's got me in a chokehold (of love),  i will embrace it and love it and try to think of her when she's 13 and really only wants to put me in a regular chokehold and definately not snuggle.  She is only nursing once in the early morning, and probably wouldn't if i would wake my lazy butt up and get her a cup of milk.  This is really good because i have finally put on some weight, about 8 pounds!!! 

She loves music. any and all music, and i love that.

Lately she has been talking about all her friends and family and she will go on and on.  Maga and Auntie and mama and dada and kitty and rhiley (her new little friend she chases around and tries to give him kisses, hilarious!!)

She says no to everything and we're trying to get her to learn yes, i guess that means i need to say yes more.

She's been sleeping through the night!!!!!! 
Thank you Jesus!!!!

so here is 19 months in all it's glory!!!  and it really is a great age, the cuteness does indeed make up for the craziness and trying to decode words and making sure she has enough "nacks" (snacks) and sleep. 

speaking of snacks, here's a story:

i could have died the other night...
 i had just finished making her a dinner that i knew she would eat (not always easy) and she ate good and i was proud since i was trying to be creative and not go grocery shopping.  so after dirtying way too many pans and dishes, toys strewn all over the house and "super why" playing for the 45th time to entertain her, i figure okay i am done.  yay, bath and bed then clean.  then maybe it won't be 4 in the morning and i can have a glass of wine and read.
as we are going up stairs she says:  "nack a nack a nack"

okay, on with the pictures..

helpin' mama


the pasta sauce i am craving good

bayley got more mail than we did this week, a package from both grandmas and a card from great grandma, boy does she love getting mail(despite the look on her face)



her new friend riley, she chases him around trying to give him kisses and he just runs as fast as he can!!!

so i picked out this yarn and my grandma made her this hat, i love it!!

we went to the beach the other day for riley's birthday and they were so cute

love this picture!!!  hahahah



one last funny.

this morning i went in to tell Adam that we were going to the store and he was in the bedroom. i say "hey honey?" and he doesn't answer because he was sleeping so i say it again. Then little monkey chimes in as loud as she can and runs over to him "honey!! honey!!" we were cracking up, oh she is just the cutest!!

Breakfast at my favorite place in the morning!!! 
Disneyland next week!!
A trip with Maga after that!!!
Then Valentines day!!!

So much to look forward to and lots of pictures to be taken.

We are happy happy souls

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


so i haven't been writing lately, and i'm not sure why i feel like i's such a chore because i really love to write.
i started thinking about why i started this blog and what it means.  i started it for bayley and for our family.  to be able to go back 10 or 20 years from now and see what was going on and laugh and cry and reflect on the wonderful and crazy and fun life we are making. 
i think i have put way too much pressure on myself and am waiting for everything to be done and perfect before i sit down to write......well i'll still be waiting 20 years from now.


"every day you may make progress. every step may be fruitful. yet there will stretch out before you an ever-lengthening, every- ascending, ever-improving path. you know you will never get to the end of the journey. but this, so far from discouraging, only adds to the joy and glory of the climb." -winston churchill

so i will stop waiting to have the perfect thought or picture and i will just do it.

so with that said, here are some pictures of january so far

we had my mom's 60th birthday, a farewell to dear auntie sarah, a trip to the zoo, hanging out with auntie chara and auntie lyndsy and cookie making at home because that is bayleys favorite thing to do "hep" (help) and  "stiw"  (stir)













i also made the BEST pasta

i'm naming it salty spaghetti because it is salty, but we love salty stuff so it works for us


grape tomatoes halved
kalamata olives halved
green olives halved
herbs de provence
blue cheese
olive oil
balsamic vinegar

sautee garlic in oil
throw in tomatoes, olives, and herbs
cook 5 min
crumble in room temp cheese
turn off heat and stir
sprinkle in balsamic

serve over angel hair pasta


pics coming computers internet died....

gonna go eat a brownie and wait for Adam to come home

things aren't "perfect"  they're better than perfect and i am more than content


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

bigger pics??

awesome, it worked!!! no more photobucket!!
just change your global settings to the updated editor and you can have bigger pics too!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello New Year...


Welcome 2010, we're so excited to see what this year brings!!!

Happy New Year!!