Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lots to do...

so I really need to:

do dishes
put away laundry
organize my photos
go buy kitty litter and eggs
finish planning bayley's bday party
begin to plan our wedding *cringe*
go through bayley's clothes(she's growin' ya know)
backup photos
organize our entertainment center
make corn chowder
deep clean the bathroom
organize my closet
buy a pair of pants that fit me
(note to self: never get rid of jeans that were are too small after being pregnant until baby is at least 8 months old.)
have a photoshoot with miss Bayley
clean out the fridge
work on her 1 year photo book
return some phone calls

anyone wanna come help me??? hehe
i always have a to do list a mile long, it would be boring if i didn't i'm sure


never try to make banana bread using no sugar, it smells heavenly but tastes like dirt.
can i buy a new baby book and copy everything from the original into the new one??? mine left ink stains on the opposite pages and this makes me mad.
my backpain and overall sense of ickiness is gone thanks to my acupuncturist and some vitamins/herbs. Thank you Adrian Bean!!
i am so grateful Bayley is all better and so grateful to have such a wonderful and helpful husband who cares so very much for our daughter.
thank you mom for helping SO much and doing our laundry and for my wonderful spa day birthday celebration (pictures coming soon).
we are moving to ventura in september, did i tell everyone this??
i love elle magazine

and munchkin news....

bayley is on the move, trying to get into everything and climb up over and around anything in sight, she'll be walkin on her own in no time!!

we are trying to get her to sleep in her crib since we are worried she will fall off our bed, so i climbed in her crib with her yesterday, fed her, and climbed out. it worked she was fast asleep. we were desperate, gonna keep trying new things hehe

she is obsessed with miss kitty and runs to chase her (holding our hands)

she says mama, dada, and baba very well

she loves magazines, wallets, keys, cell phones, and tags.

she loves water and fruits and veggies, yay!!!

she gets on her hands and feet with her tushy up in the air and tries to stand up, also she will lift one leg up and just be still as a statue, we call it her yoga pose

she wants to play with kitty's food dishes and is always trying to sneak in the kitchen to get them.

her new favorite game is "let's take eveerything out of the diaper bag and throw it randomly accross the floor"

she loves being outside
(yesterday we went for a sunset walk on the beach and she walked so good and loved it!!)

she just learned to clap as i'm writing this! oh my gosh, she's too cute. i can't stand it!!!

she is a dream come true!!!


okay, back to my to do list..

Friday, April 24, 2009

poor baby girl and lots of firsts

so i am lying here next to a very warm little munchkin.
bayley's first fever 04.24.09
last night she was all too anxious to go to bed, and while i was giving her a bath she seemed warmer than usual. we did our usual bedtime routine: dinner, bath, jammies & lotion, nurse to sleep. she was asleep in seconds. i figured she was okay since she fell asleep so easily and i just crawled in beside her to read and go to sleep as well. she woke up at 330am even warmer and even though i think she wanted to go back to sleep, i took her temp. sure enough it was 101.4. she had some water and ate and fell back asleep. this morning it went down a bit but then spiked back up, so daddy went to get some tylenol. we just gave her some and now is well into her second nap at only 3pm. my poor girl

on a happier note, she said "dada" on tuesday 04.21.09
and she started waving bye-bye REALLY well the same day!!! what great birthday presents for mama!!
also, our girl is a professional crawler, chasing us from room to room!!
so many milestones in such a short time!!! i will be posting some videos soon!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

birthday lovliness

i am sitting here with my perfect little baby on my lap eating birthday cake, thanking the heavens for such a blessed day....thank you all

28 is GREAT!!!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

a taste of summer sweetness and bee charmin'

the past couple days have been pure heaven in my book. just when i was easing into a san diego spring, along came a wonderful taste of summer. we're talking 95 degrees at the beach, bbqing, popsicle eating, dinosaur bugs everywhere, feels like the middle of august but it's only april taste of summer. blame it on global warming, but i think the universe just wanted to make my little soul oh so happy because it must know that i just thrive in this kind of weather. so we've been devouring the sun and the warmth, because the weatherman says it's gonna get down in the 60's later this week, burrrrrrr.....




and of course an impromptu trip to ocean beach










and an out of focus shot of me and my girl

and this little guy was so cute


also, i became a bee charmer over the weekend.
i found a buzzing mad bee in our windowsil and panicked because ever since i got stung 10 times by hornets when i was 6 years old i have been quite terrified of bees/hornets/wasps
well, i was ready to conquer my fear
so i decided instead of trying to kill the poor thing/possibly make him more mad with lysol disinfectant spray (i don't own bug spray),
i would coax him down and give him a snack of some raw unfiltered trader joes yummy honey.
and it worked!!
he chowed down and i was able to ever so carefully put a glass over him and slide a piece of cardboard under the glass and take him outside to set him free.
but he hung out for a good 10 minutes.....
i think he liked me. and i'm not scared anymore.
thanks mr. bee

more on this to come but....

did i mention our girl is crawling???
she's all over the place like she knew how to do it all along. and she bumped her head on the linoleum today ouchy.

and daddy's getting lasik eye surgery on wednesday, yay!! he'll be able to watch bayley thru walls!!!

and i turn 28 tomorrow, happy birthday to me.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

no more espresso

for me
i am
to go
then i'll need more espresso

cuter than anything....ever

post is a little late...

but worth the wait.
easter is over, yes it is. the easter bunny is long gone. all the tasty easter confections have been eaten and the childrens easter baskets are now being put to good use holding toys and crafts. and soft toy bunnies are being snuggled by little ones...but let's re-live our easter a week later, shall we?

it was a grand first easter for Bayley, and maybe even more fun for me...
i had more fun putting together bayley's easter basket and i almost became a tad emotional (it being one of the things on my "in my daydreams" list of things to do)
she can't even have candy yet and it was still fun to do!!!
i just have such wonderful memories of my mom making me the most exravagent easter baskets, with every item individually wrapped and a new fancy basket and bunny each year and high quality stuff from crabtree & evelynn and see's candies
i think she stopped making me a basket when i was 17 and i think i looked out onto the front porch, realized the easter bunny didn't come and cried a bit...
anyways, i'm just as happy to be the easter bunny now and i just hope to make happy memories for bayley like my mom did for me. and we're off to a great start i think.
she loved her basket, but i think her favorite part was the easter grass...10 cents at michaels, if only i had known

we dyed easter eggs
we ate a yummy dinner prepared by moi : glazed ham, asparagus and the yummiest cheesy potatoes ever!!
auntie sarah, uncle rob, and grandma came over
kitty even found herself a new bed
we wore our bonnett and went for an easter walk with grandma
oh and we baked lemon buttermilk cookies too
we had a great day

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My favorite Bayley age...


10 months is the best!!!
I thought I would be sad as she approached turning one, but I'm so excited!!! She's still a baby, but she's a funny, so so smart, crawling, i've got such personality, oh too cute, almost walkin, babbling, feedin myself, discovering new things every second baby!!!

happy "i can't believe you've been here 10 months, i don't know how i ever lived without you" Bayley
i love you more than there is room to write on this blog or even on the whole darn world wide web
i love every little thing about you, you are my angel baby and i am so proud to be your mama
please stay 10 months forever, ok??
love forever,

Monday, April 13, 2009

hello hodgepodge

where does the time go???
a sunny afternoon down in ocean beach
auntie mia came to visit me and brought me some cool toys, i love my elmo book so very much!!
daddy and i all dressed up, don't we look cute??
a visit to auntie chara's house
bayley sure does love the green rug, she is just starting to crawl this week
very very carefully
grandma took us for ice cream, yummy boysenberry soft serve!!
it finally felt like spring after visiting these beautiful little buds
because tomorrow she won't be 9 months anymore.....