Saturday, August 1, 2009

toddler wrangler

it really hit me when last night i was out at the cafe i used to work at and a girl who i knew brought down her three month old baby. she looked smaller than my lunch honestly and i couldn't even picture bayley ever being that tiny....only she was, actually less than half of that baby when she was born. this little baby just sat there limp, floppy head and all while my little tornado wobbled all over trying to take on everything in sight. and as much as i miss the days of being able to scoop her up with one hand and take her around like my little rag doll, i am so happy and so proud of this little girl she is turning into.

walking is her thing now, and she does it all by herself. everywhere.
and she has this bubbly personality and eagerness to learn everything there is to know about the world and life in one afternoon if she could.

she wears her hair in little pigtails, uneven little palm tree wispies because she can't hold still

she smiles when she eats ice cream like she knows it's not good for her but she knows it's good for her soul.

her belly laughs are the best when she's deliriously tired and she's been known to tear up and make me tear up as well from the hilarity of the laugh itself

she's just so fun and sweet and although Adam and I seem to expend every ounce of energy in our bodies chasing her and keeping her out of harms way, it's so worth it.

okay off to bed so i can wake up fresh and ready to toddler wrangle


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