Wednesday, August 19, 2009

14 months

i just made an extremely strong cup of coffee and she is asleep, oh joy!! don't get me wrong i love when she's awake, but i also love knowing that she is residing peacefully in dreamland and i have a moment to gather my thoughts. so 14 months, and i am a little late because now she is 14 months and one week. it is scary because i believe she is smarter than i am on some level, but also it's amazing to watch her learn and grow and how she learns and percieves things. like this dancing move she does....i've been dancing with her since she was very little always holding one hand of hers in mine and out like the waltz (??) anyways, so she started doing this thing where she would grab her left wrist with her right hand and walk around. we couldn't figure it out, does she have carpel tunnel?? nope, she's just dancing...with herself!!! and now she does it all the time and sometimes she just wants to dance alone and sometimes she wants adam or i to pick her up and dance, but regardless she's a dancer. i knew it at 22 weeks of my pregnancy, and her nickname was tiny dancer cause i just knew she was dancin' away in there. so we shall enroll her in toddler tango soon.



today it rained and thundered.....and I LOVE unexpected storms because we get so few of them. so of course we put on our rainboots auntie chara bought her and her windbreaker from grandma and we played in the rain. something about the smell of rain that is so cleansing. i'm big on smells, like the amazing salted crispy oatmeal cookies i made the other night. i may make them again just for their aromatherapy benefits. i very much think the smell of butter, brown sugar and vanilla could ressurect the dead.


and this little cutie, well that little face alone could cure just about anything. even a mom who has only had 3 hours of sleep because she stayed up too late and then got woken up 7 times by a little monkey. yep, mama is still happy and ever so grateful to be greeted each morning with this little face.


so 14 months is grand...

walking very independantley everywhere

talking and repeating everything we say

hi (oh so enthusiastically to everyone she sees, even a manequin (sp?)
dog (gode)
woof woof
she even is attempting sentences
and the list goes on...

oh and today i asked for a hug...and she walked right over to me and gave me a big hug and said "awwwwwww" because thats what we say when she hugs her babies

she is too precious...

oh and she is learning and actually putting her toys away, and my makeup because she loves playing makeups with mommy

and she chases daddy with heavy breathing and everything

and she loves swinging, and says "weeeeeee" and calls the swings wee.

and we push her around in her babydoll stroller and she thinks it's hillarious

very fascinated with kitty too

okay, time to plan/fix dinner
hopefulli i can pull off making dinner for my lovely husband whilst getting bayley to sleep so we can have a nice dinner date after her bedtime.

and here's to football season starting!!!

here's a preview of your sunday sweetheart!!


and she's still sleeping!!!

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