Friday, July 10, 2009

walkin' and talkin'

i am so exhausted from our week long road trip and haven't had a chance to write, but our girl is just blossoming into this little toddler right before our eyes so i figured i'd better jot some things down before the magical details disappear.


we have a full blown walker ladies and gentlemen!!
this morning she took 3 steps to grandma, but this evening she was walking all over the place. adam propped her up and she took off just like a little wind up doll. i started tearing up of course oh and grabbed the video camera. we've got pics and movies. auntie sarah and uncle hussey came to witness her huge milestone. i still can't believe it. it all happens so much faster than i imagined. her little walk is so adorable and then she plops right down on her little tush and smiles so big. she is just too cute and sweeter than apple pie.


oh and did i mention she is done with baby food, doesn't want anything to do with it-she's a big girl.....but still my baby...forever
this afternoon we took a much needed 2 hour nap together, it felt like heaven really. and she woke me up saying "mama" and patting me like she does, so we got up and she was wrapped around me like a big bear hugged around a tree. then i sat on the couch, the same place i used to sit with her on my chest when she was only days old. and she placed her little head where she always did and fell back asleep. what an angel heart melted
only now instead of her toes barely skimming my lap, her long legs wrap around me all the way to my back. oh how you've grown so much my little Bayley!!!


our girl is a talker!! wonder where she gets that from?? (hello simmonds genes!!!)
she speaks on command at only a year old!!!
her vocabulary includes:
kitty (kiki)
moon (moo)
bird (pronounces "burrrrrh") and looks and points to the sky
bye bye
and our favorite..... "dude", yep she says it all the time. we're so proud of our little california girl.
oh and today she said pee pee, maybe she will be potty trained soon!!!

so that's all for now, i must go crawl in with my little monkey for a restful nights sleep so i can finish my to do list tomorrow which includes writing about our trip and posting more pictures


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