Wednesday, June 3, 2009


so after my refreshing and energizing trip to utah, i've been feeling a little crazed. in a good way, motivated to try to do everything kinda way
party plan
just to name a few things...
oh and not to mention that i have to get 2 fillings and a crown at the dentist next week....yikes
so amongst all the craziness and pots of coffee to stay awake...

my little Bayley is turning into a toddler...oh yes it's true

maybe i'm trying to make myself overly busy so i don't have time to think about it, because a small part of me is sad. where's my baby??? it all went by so fast...the whole "first year" is 10 days from being over

i've been getting these coupons/newsletters from gerber since she was born stating her stage (newborn, supported sitter, etc. etc.) and i just got the toddler newsletter with coupons for plastic forks and whole cookies!!! how can she use a fork yet?!?! tears filled my eyes, because the next stage is preschooler (bring on the kleenex)

but more visible than my sadness is my excitement

i am so excited to watch her grow even more exponentially

to have tea parties, and play baby dolls, and tonight she actually let me read her 2 bedtime stories without trying to eat the pages. She laid in her nook, and just watched and listened and it made me so happy, because i love reading childrens books.

little munchkin is learning so much so fast, i can't keep up
i'm jotting stuff down on our calendar like rainman it seems
but i don't want to miss a thing!!!
when someone asks "when did she_____?" i want to be able to pull out her little pink baby book and give a place, date, time and picture. (working on that)

like her new way of showing affection

she bows her head down and smooshes it in your chest or face
and she gave me real hugs and kisses for the first time on may 7th
she holds my face with both hands and smashes her wide open drooly mouth against mine, it just makes me melt

which brings me to my point of this blog....

amongst all the to do lists (because i make several a day, doesn't everyone??)
i put her to bed tonight and i think it helped me more than it helped her.
we read peter rabbit and the hungry caterpillar
and then she just wanted to give me hugs and kisses galore and i thought "i don't care if the salmon gets overcooked or the spinach turns yellowish brown" because dinner can be re-made but times like these are priceless!!! so we cuddled and hugged and i made her laugh and she didn't want to go to sleep yet, so i let her come play until she was delirious i think.
then i got to spend the rest of the evening relaxing and cuddling with Adam, thank goodness his hours are shorter now. i love seeing him more. i even got to go get a pedicure tonight while he watched Bayley, yay!!

she is almost walking
she says bye bye
she said hi
she says ni ni
she sounds out t t t
and oh she sings!!! we say "bayley can you sing aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh" and she sings the same note!! we discovered this in utah (all my cousins and aunts sing beautifully and she loved it)

i am so excited for you to turn one Miss Bayley!!! this is the funnest age ever!!! i love you with all my heart pooky xoxo, mama

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