Friday, June 19, 2009

a small gold leaf

Bayley and I went on a walk today to get the mail like usual. Today was a little different. Instead of talking on the phone with one hand and containing her sqirmy little body and the days mail with the other, I walked with her hand in hand and let her go wherever she wanted to go. And she taught me something (as she does almost hourly these days). As I tried to hurry her along, she spotted a splendid gold leaf, actually a big one and a little one. Even being so excited to walk, she was so intrigued by these two leaves. So she plopped her padded tushy down on the cold cement and began to examine them. I thought for sure she'd go for the big one, it was pretty. No, she liked the smaller one. She held them both and had such a fun time playing with these little gold leaves. It made me realize that I need to slow down, take the time and enjoy everything more. Because that's what this whole life is made up of-a bunch of small things that make up the big things. So often I find myself chasing big things, and i'd rather not. I'd much rather sit and enjoy the small gold leaves. So i think i will turn over a new leaf (no pun intended) and learn from my Bayley. As we walked back home she saw a man outside smoking who did not look very happy. She smiled so big at him and I've never seen someone's expression do a 180 like his did. He smiled back and said "wow, that's a smile!!" I swear that two toothed grin of hers could change the world (and it is). She stumbled home and even wanted to do the stairs. From now on we will both walk to get the mail, no phone, no rush and we will have little adventures along the way.

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linsey said...

that is SO beautiful....and so true. bayley (and you) have inspired me to slow down. thank you!