Friday, April 24, 2009

poor baby girl and lots of firsts

so i am lying here next to a very warm little munchkin.
bayley's first fever 04.24.09
last night she was all too anxious to go to bed, and while i was giving her a bath she seemed warmer than usual. we did our usual bedtime routine: dinner, bath, jammies & lotion, nurse to sleep. she was asleep in seconds. i figured she was okay since she fell asleep so easily and i just crawled in beside her to read and go to sleep as well. she woke up at 330am even warmer and even though i think she wanted to go back to sleep, i took her temp. sure enough it was 101.4. she had some water and ate and fell back asleep. this morning it went down a bit but then spiked back up, so daddy went to get some tylenol. we just gave her some and now is well into her second nap at only 3pm. my poor girl

on a happier note, she said "dada" on tuesday 04.21.09
and she started waving bye-bye REALLY well the same day!!! what great birthday presents for mama!!
also, our girl is a professional crawler, chasing us from room to room!!
so many milestones in such a short time!!! i will be posting some videos soon!!

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