Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lots to do...

so I really need to:

do dishes
put away laundry
organize my photos
go buy kitty litter and eggs
finish planning bayley's bday party
begin to plan our wedding *cringe*
go through bayley's clothes(she's growin' ya know)
backup photos
organize our entertainment center
make corn chowder
deep clean the bathroom
organize my closet
buy a pair of pants that fit me
(note to self: never get rid of jeans that were are too small after being pregnant until baby is at least 8 months old.)
have a photoshoot with miss Bayley
clean out the fridge
work on her 1 year photo book
return some phone calls

anyone wanna come help me??? hehe
i always have a to do list a mile long, it would be boring if i didn't i'm sure


never try to make banana bread using no sugar, it smells heavenly but tastes like dirt.
can i buy a new baby book and copy everything from the original into the new one??? mine left ink stains on the opposite pages and this makes me mad.
my backpain and overall sense of ickiness is gone thanks to my acupuncturist and some vitamins/herbs. Thank you Adrian Bean!!
i am so grateful Bayley is all better and so grateful to have such a wonderful and helpful husband who cares so very much for our daughter.
thank you mom for helping SO much and doing our laundry and for my wonderful spa day birthday celebration (pictures coming soon).
we are moving to ventura in september, did i tell everyone this??
i love elle magazine

and munchkin news....

bayley is on the move, trying to get into everything and climb up over and around anything in sight, she'll be walkin on her own in no time!!

we are trying to get her to sleep in her crib since we are worried she will fall off our bed, so i climbed in her crib with her yesterday, fed her, and climbed out. it worked she was fast asleep. we were desperate, gonna keep trying new things hehe

she is obsessed with miss kitty and runs to chase her (holding our hands)

she says mama, dada, and baba very well

she loves magazines, wallets, keys, cell phones, and tags.

she loves water and fruits and veggies, yay!!!

she gets on her hands and feet with her tushy up in the air and tries to stand up, also she will lift one leg up and just be still as a statue, we call it her yoga pose

she wants to play with kitty's food dishes and is always trying to sneak in the kitchen to get them.

her new favorite game is "let's take eveerything out of the diaper bag and throw it randomly accross the floor"

she loves being outside
(yesterday we went for a sunset walk on the beach and she walked so good and loved it!!)

she just learned to clap as i'm writing this! oh my gosh, she's too cute. i can't stand it!!!

she is a dream come true!!!


okay, back to my to do list..

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Natalie Zwick said...

Your blog is SO much fun to read. You and Bayley look gorgeous in every picture! I will be down in San Diego June 26-29th. My friend is getting married in Coronado on the 27th. If you're free at all during that time, I would LOVE to get together! Hope all is well, and hope to see you soon!


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