Thursday, April 9, 2009

i have, i want, i need

I HAVE: the best baby in the whole wide world and wonderful days with people i love. today we had a glorious and busy day with grandma and our girl was just as perfect as pie. my oh-so-happy day started at 2am when i finished deep cleaning the kitchen. it really is the only time of the day i can devote that much time to scrubbing away sink grime with baking soda and vinegar (best household cleaners on earth). i then awoke at 4am to a lovely baby saying "mamamamammamamamam" and trying to wake up adam. we both just laughed because she was WIDE awake and yelling "MAMAMAMAM" and it was so cute!!! we think she wanted to get up and play, luckily that didn't happen and we all eventually got back to sleep. we got up for realsies at 9am(adam at 6), this time i awoke to chubbie little fingers using her oh so mighty pincer grasp to open up my comatose eyeballs. it's always so fun to wake up next to her and see her huge smile the moment i open my eyes. who needs coffee with a face like that to get ya going?! i called my Mom and we went to one of our favorite restaurants that we've been going to since i was born (and before that). the hobnob. what a great restaurant, friendly people, the same great menu, cloth napkins, and crystal chandeliers. we had french toast, sausage, eggs, and o'brien potatoes.....and coffee, turns out i did need some. then we headed over to do our monthly grocery shopping at the commissary. i have a strange love of grocery shopping so it's like christmas for me. reading labels, finding deals, it's great fun. bayley likes it too, and at 9 and a half months old she really doesn't know the difference between a set of blocks and some boxes of macncheese. bless her little heart, she was having a great old time shaking the spices and gnawing on various boxes. hey, whatever makes her happy and buys me a little more time right?? we came home, unloaded and soon daddy was home too, we had a nice dinner and played jeopardy (i won, hehe). these days may seem boring to some, but they are worth more than gold to me and i will cherish them always. i am so grateful for every moment with the ones i love...

I WANT: an easter bonnett for bayley, a real, tie under the chin, old fashioned easter bonnett. i can't find one, any advice?? oh, and before easter.....can we say procrastinate!!??

I NEED: sleep



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