Wednesday, July 6, 2011

life 101

ahhhhhh  clicking that little blue button that says "new post" make my heart flutter. 

i have been quite busy and although i always seem to make room for my blogging, i have had some other matters to attend to.  i call it...
 life 101
lately i have been busy practicing the art of having an open mind and breaking bad habits.
 it's been really challenging yet extremely rewarding. 
i am learning that mistakes happen and i can choose to learn from them and move on or i can dwell on the crap.

i read A LOT and i've been noticing that all the books i read seem to have very similar concepts.  one being "like attracts like"  positive energy brings more positive energy and it's almost exponential.
i'm trying to focus like crazy on the good and accept the bad, learn from it and move on.

so here are some of my "tools" i've been using to help with my journey towards inner peace.

the artist's way

a course in miracles

non violent communication practice groups

dr wayne dyer

the concious parent

less wine and more vitamins

and a really good counselor and God.


so we have also been traveling and celebrating birthdays and time is just flying by!!
i can't "catch up" on pictures right now but i'm back at the blog




i can't believe that my baby is 3 years old!!

it's good to be back

Remind yourself that the greatest technique for bringing peace into your life is to always choose being kind when you have a choice between being right or being kind. This is the single most effective method I know for having a sense of peace. And you have that choice in all your interactions.    -wayne dyer

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Summer said...

Love the quote! I also read The Artist's Way and love the little nuggets it gives.

Glad you are back!

Rachel said...

Yay, you're back!! Missed your blog :) Love the pic of you and Bayley!! xoxo

Olivia : I am still learning said...

I love your posts! I feel like we have a lot in common too, and my little man will be 3 soon! And I totally agree with you about the positive energy. I feel like this last year I really truly learned that my happiness is not the result of how others treat me or what happens to me, but more my attitude and how I respond to the world. We must all strive to be happy!

ps. I loveeee the last photo and the photo of you with your daughter, I hope you frame it :)
And the quote is amazing, I'm a total quote lover myself :)