Saturday, May 14, 2011

a dent

i have so many pictures and so many thoughts and my mind keeps putting off a mountain of laundry.  instead of doing a little, making a miniscule dent. i just procrastinate and procrastinate.  i love writing so i'm not quite sure why i put off doing something enjoyable, maybe because i feel guilty.  guilty because i know i have a million other things i could be doing.  but you know what, this writing and blogging stuff is replenishing and as much as i'd like to think that i really am an energizer bunny and can keep going and going.  i'm not.  i need to be replenished with things i love to do.  and i notice that if i don't get replenished, i get very very cranky.  you know what else makes me cranky...not enough sleep.  so i'm going to bed.  another replenishing activity.  who knows, i might even get a pedicure tomorrow!!

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