Tuesday, March 22, 2011

hello day one

tonight bayley and i danced and danced and danced and spun in circles.  she said "look mommy the ground is moving"  and i thought about it for a minute and was like ya, it is.  it's all in our perspective.  as i shifted my perspective, spinning in circles soon became a lot more fun.  like we were on a giant merry go round and we were going dang fast.  so i thought that was really cool.  it's just one of the many times a day my girl teaches me and most days i feel like she teaches me way more than i teach her. 


after her bath at night i wrap her up like a mummy and steal as many kisses as i can, tonight i was sure i was going to eat her cute little cheeks off.  she oh so seriously looked at me and said "mom, you can't eat my cheeks.  you can eat celery though."  oh how i love her.


i have been blessed with the worst sinus infection of my life (well or maybe the only one, not sure)
and i'm not being sarcastic.  it truly has been my wake up call to slow the hell down and start putting my true priorities first.  you see i like to live in a little town called Denial and somehow i'm realizing that this place is just not working out for me.  i like to be in denial and think that i can do everything, and i can't.  it's impossible.  so i'm striving for balance and not perfection.  i like this new town called Reality, its' kinda weird cause i don't really know my way around, but i'm gonna know it like the back of my hand in no time.  i'm gonna know everyone and live in a yellow house and know that sucky things happen and thats okay because i know it's not about the sucky things but how i will rise to the occasion and get through the obstacles.  thats what counts.


so i'm introducing my 30 days til 30 project.  it is about self improvement and working on the things that truly matter.  we shall see where this goes, i can't wait!!

a post a day, with  inspiration and mindfulness everyday

hello day one, i welcome you with an open heart

Our lives improve only when we take chances - and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves.

Walter Anderson
and let me say that this would not be possible without the love, kindness and encouragement from my wonderful husband.  i love you Adam  
 "i love it when you contain me" -perfect couples
(we are soooo the cool couple)

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