Friday, March 12, 2010

20 months and on our way to Reno

Twenty months is full of surprises.

(oh how i love this face!!)

and although i know she is almost 21 months, i want to record each month in it's glory for as long as i possibly can.


so surprises.  like taking out my cake pan to bake the most delicious chocolate cake only to find an alphabet letter stuck to the bottom.  a blue "y".  or sitting down to watch the tail end of the oscar's and finding a turkey baster stuck between the cushions.  and not so fun surprises like last night's hour and a half toss-a-thon after waking at 130am, finally resulting in a baby rolling off the bed, a thump and crying.  she is fine. i only wish we could have caught on film mine and Adam's reaction to the whole thing.  Charging at her like crazy hyena's or something all distraught from no sleep and pure fear pulsating through us.

playing in the rain



her vocabulary has far surpassed our understanding of half of it.  she talks so much and i try so hard to recognize what she is saying, but sometimes i have to just smile and nod because i have no freaking clue what she is jabbering away about.


this morning she woke up so happily and looked at me and said "hi mama, hi dada"  "hug?"  gave us big hugs and kisses and then said "dada sleepy".

tonight she looked at kitty and said in a motherly and excited tone "big girl" after kitty ate a piece of chicken we gave her.  i was cracking up.

she is feeding herself a lot lately, sweet potatoes are her favorite to do.  i made the mistake of letting her do strawberry yogurt by herself while i surfed the web.  there was quite the splattering of yogurt everywhere
only moments later.  she is doing so well though, and she has to learn somehow.


Daddy bought her a fancy mickey mouse trike today and i texted him this evening telling him i was going to kill it and throw it out the window afterwards.  it's really cute and she loves it, it just has so many loud abnoxious noises and buttons and she gets frusterated because she can't ride it yet so she just sits on it and pushes the buttons and then asks me to help her off and then 5 seconds later she wants help to get back on it again.

snacks packed.... we are off to Reno, 4 generations driving in a rented nissan altima.  To go celebrate my great aunt mary's birthday with her five daughters.  Let the fun begin!!!

to Adam
We will miss you sweetheart, have a fun and relaxing weekend.  We love you so much.
xoxo,  your girls

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Heidi said...

omg, she is getting so big. i saw your xmas card at kelle's! beautiful! thank you for coming by. i love hearing from peeps who look in on us from time to time!