Monday, December 7, 2009


today was a great day, it really was
laundry isn't done, there's still a few dishes in the sink, we had our water and our power out this evening along with a huge storm and the christmas tree is still needing a few finishing touches...(at least we replaced the crazy neon blue led lights, the package said "white" i disagree.

but somehow, i feel incredibly content and at peace with it all. because as bad as it might seem sometimes
.....we are outta control crazy blessed with so much.

as Adam came home from renting bolt cutters for the second time to cut the lock put on our water valve (no fault of our own, landlord was misinformed) our lights went out....we laughed. what else can you do right?? I said "I can't find Bayley, where is she??" she was just sitting on the rug, not crying or yelling or even making a peep. probably confused, possibly meditating. they came on shortly after, we didn't even light candles in the few minutes they were off, just talked as if nothing had happened.

i attempted to take pictures of Bayley and miss kitty in front of our tree, maybe a few turned out amongst the squinty eyed blurred alien faced ones.

i had a dream last night that i went skydiving with a group of people and although it was my idea, i was the only one who wouldn't go.....that seems like it means something

we went out in the rain today and since i forgot that i own an umbrella, everytime the rain would hit bayley's head she said "code, code" (cold)

and "ha" is hot

adam taught her how to sing la la la really loud tonight so as i put her to bed she sang to me for forty-five minutes

she is a dare devil and a climber, i'm scared...

she is still obsessed with elmo and even started calling out for him in her sleep last night, not mama...."melmo" it's about time i get a break.

we ask her "what does santa say??" and she says "ho ho ho"

oh and Adam likes vietnamese food, YAY!!, thanks honey for trying it again and finding something you like. no more eating pho alone.

possibly coming to san diego tomorrow, weather permitting. this storm is rough for us california folks.

pics from adams christmas party

our little monkey

oh and we took a 2 hour family nap this afternoon....heavenly

goodnight happy day, hope to see more of you tomorrow

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