Thursday, March 12, 2009


Our little girl isn't crawling yet, but today she was walking holding Grandma's hands. Grandma showed her how and she did it really well!! She may walk before she crawls!!


We've also been having a hard time getting her to sleep at night which is why I'm so behind on my blogging. The past couple nights she has put Adam and I to sleep before she fell asleep (not good). It was cute though the other night we were telling her this long story about how babies have to go to bed so then can recharge their batteries and feel good to play the next day. She was listening so intently but was still wide awake, so Adam and I just started kissing her both of her cheeks and she started cracking up so hard, it was the biggest belly laugh ever!!! It made us belly laugh too, she is too cute even though she is our little night owl.

So tonight I thought I tricked her : no late nap and asleep by 8:30pm woohoo off to watch Planet Earth with Adam, finish my uneaten dinner and have a cup of chamomile tea!!! Just kidding.......poor little thing woke up crying and so scared at 9pm. I tried patting her and rocking her, but after 45 minutes she was wide awake and my back was broken. I put her in her swing where she sat content but wide awake. At 11:30 I laid on the couch with her and told her a story, she was asleep by midnight. I put her in her crib and she's still sleeping as of now. Sleep til 8am Bayley!!! Please?

She's been eating more solids lately too. Her favorite is haagen-daaz raspberry sorbet. Grandma bought her some the other day and she devoured it like she'd been starving for days. She loves carrots, sweet potatos, small bites of noodles, waffles, muffins, kiwis, blueberries, mashed potatos and now hates her rice cereal (must be too bland for this girl).

I can't believe she is almost 9 months!!! That's almost a year!! She's almost in college!!!

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