Monday, December 6, 2010

leaving on a jetplane

leaving on a plane to utah, then san antonio!!
visiting family
excited and nervous about the flights

yesterday morning adam's snoring woke bayley up
after not being able to go back to sleep,
she said

"mama, i think daddy's purrin"

last night adam asked if he had a clean uniform
bayley says
"a clean unicorn??"

oh she is too cute!!!

i have a new computer yay!!!!
thanks mom

now i need to organize my photos......hmmmm

been feeling extra sentimental and festive
like i can't contain it all
the smell of christmas trees
warm cozy fires
just drinking it all up
the magic is all being brought back now that bayley is here and "getting it"
she reminds me what is important
christmas light gazing
cookie making
song singing
and all those things are the easy and meaningful things
so why does everyone go nuts spending more money than they have on a bunch of "stuff" no one needs or wants???
not sure, but i'm hoping i won't fall victim this Christmas.

we will miss you so much Daddy!!!
we love you sooooooo much
see you soon and don't have too much fun without us ; )


wishing everyone a simple and meaningful holiday season

now go drink some peppermint hot cocoa and sing jingle bells!!



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Rachel said...

Love that last picture of Bayley sleeping on the couch by the fire, so cute and cozy. Yay for an anti-consumerism Christmas- I'm so with you. Have an awesome trip, see you when you get back!!

Anonymous said...

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