Wednesday, December 1, 2010

a few words

i want to blog so badly, but i want to blog on my computer!!!

my computer went black on Thanksgiving, makes me kinda sick inside thinking about it.  i have a weird connection with it, ya strange i know....luckily my Mom is giving me hers and i will be up and running soon.  the good part is that since i haven't been using my computer, i have been using my washer and dryer (neglected appliances).  so there's always a good side to everything. 

today we crafted with sophie and rachel
we made reindeer pinecone ornaments, which kinda look like pinecone alien ornaments, which make me love them even more.

yesterday, i had to run to the store and bayley insisted on wearing my orange hooters shorts from a million years ago (can you believe they fit her?) over her blue pants and her "pirate hat"  along with a leopard print jacket.  you can only imagine the looks i was getting at jo-anns fabric store as she ran down each aisle like a wild banchee.  it was fun

today she was telling me the wizard of oz was on tv, but it was on a commercial (it was on the night before and she LOVED watching it).  i told her that it wasn't on right now, but maybe santa would buy her the movie for Christmas.  she said it again only this time with feeling and at the end she said quite sassily "mama, do you understand???  do you understand me mama??"   hmmmmmmm i wonder where she got that from???  

well the holidays are here and i'm making a pact not to let stress get the best of me, cause i can do that sometimes and totally miss the whole point of something.  i'm going to break my "overdoing of everything" pact i have with the universe,  it's really tough and it feels weird like walking into a strangers house and using thier bathroom. 
well i'm ready to take on the challenge and tame my inner contol freak lion. 
bring it

blog post complete
without photos
oh well
words are pretty too

goodnight november

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