Friday, October 23, 2009

still kickin'

oh goodness, i really feel so out of it when i don't write here on the blog...
like it's my job and i've been out sick or something.
moving is hard and i feel so behind in every aspect that i don't know where to start, but i'll start here.

bayley is growing and turning into the cutest and sweetest little girl i ever could imagine. she surprises me every day with her smarts and her charm is truly captivating. i am learning so much from this little munchkin.

i haven't taken nearly enough photos, but i'm slowly making enough time to capture these all too quickly fleeting moments.

yesterday she learned how to say snack "nack"
juice is "muka muka" (not sure about that one but i don't care as long as i can understand)
balloon is her favorite word even though she has mixed feelings about the actual object, it's a love/hate relationship
finally found out what "bubby" meant.......puppy!!
she says "no" and "more"
her vocabulary is quite impressive
she calls grandma donna "magu"
this girl loves to dance!! today my dad and i took her to the craft fair and we had to pry her away from the oldies band singing. she was actually getting much more attention than the actual band with all her crazy dance moves. *must videotape more*
i will post pictures within a couple days, i have lots..
and she's starting to try to dress herself and put her diaper on by herself, it's so cute...
goodnight for now

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