Thursday, October 1, 2009

boxes and bestfriends and mud -- oh my

so we're moved
not done unpacking of course, but who would be with a 15 month old who likes to explore and get into everything!!! this morning, she approached the "baby-proofed" electrical outlets and exclaimed "no no no" as she began to remove the plastic safety much for those.
i'm sitting here listening to the lovely sound of a dishwasher sing, and i think i will say that she is one of my new best friends (dissclaimer: she cannot replace my real best friends though who helped me watch my baby and move and pack for which i am eternally grateful for) thank you Chara, Sarah and Lyndsy so very much. and thank you to all of our friends and family for all of your love and support.

the drive up was hard
saying goodbye to my hometown, sobbing to my mom and saying goodbye to my grandma and all my friends
knowing that i will have to learn my way around a totally new place, unpack, work on my business, and keep bayley entertained is kind of stressing me out, but i always pile everything up in a big smashed ball of stuff instead of dealing with it one load at a laundry. which reminds me, we also have a washer and dryer yipee two more friends. although, i had it even better at home because my mom did all of our laundry for us and she is much more fun to talk with as well.
we are a 10 minute walk from the beach and i'm learning my way around slowly but surely.
i have come to one conclusion, that unpacking and organizing while Adam is at work is downright impossible. well throw in that we have stairs and no baby gates yet and it makes sense. this morning i thought i would go onto our lovely patio and water our little garden. by the time i was done, bayley was making a soup out of kitty's food and water and kitty was mad and began digging her way to china in the mud. i then had to juggle bayley and the kitty door, get inside only to come find the oatmeal exploded all over the microwave (this microwave has some serious wattage!!).
so we're learnin'
and trying to settle into our new home one box at a time.
routine and regular stuff will set in before we know it and we will miss the craziness i am sure. because that's how it works-anything that isn't catastrophic (moving is borderline catastrophic in my opinion haha) will be missed, no matter how bad you thought it was, memories are made and it molds you and gives you character and strength. and we are so blessed
and life goes goodnight for now.

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linsey said...

Oh Abbey! I feel your pain! Moving is SO hard! But what a wonderful little blog entry you have made-it might help Bayley feel better when she's older and having to move away for the first time. You are amazing and I know you will make your home so wonderful (even if it takes years) lol! My mom has told me this with every move-Give yourself one full year and if it doesn't feel like home, then you can move again! Ha ha ha! I love you!

(now this is from my mom)
Remember the card you gave me with that funny lady on it that says, "I've moved!" You understood my state of mind. Thank you for that! By the way, I loved having you stay at my home. You are welcome to come anytime!
Aunt Julie
(ps can you email Linsey your address? thanks)