Thursday, February 5, 2009

cuddles and perfectness and growing

Last night Bayley was lying beside me in bed as I was reading and I imagined she would fall asleep, but no. She got very grumpy and I couldn't figure out what she needed.......???? Cuddles!!!! My little baby girl just wanted to cuddle-CLOSE. I pulled her next to me under the covers in the crook of my arm and she was asleep in seconds. I just inhaled her soft, heavenly scented baby skin and kissed her little head and felt so very lucky once again to be her Mommy.

She really is an angel though....

Do you know any 7 and a half month old babies who would not cry or fuss at an hour long reflexology session??? Mine!!! I have been battling horrible allergies the past couple days due to the santa ana winds and just being sleep deprived (my body shuts down if I don't get at least 8-10 hrs) Luckily my Mom has been helping out a bunch and my wonderful husband took me to get medicine and a burrito at 5am after his 12 hour work shift the other night. I took some gnarly meds but anyone who knows me knows I hate taking anything not natural and I only will if I'm desperate. Tonight I felt horrible and felt as though I may be getting a cold so I decided to go to an oriental acupressure place that does reflexology. It was AMAZING!!!! First I soaked my feet in hot water with chinese herbs and drank some obo tea. The reflexologist massaged my head, face, neck and shoulders and then my feet. All the while Bayley was being entertained by the very happy staff. She was loving all the attention and all the little lighted water fountains. Thank you Bayley for being my little angel and being so good so I could feel better. She is asleep now so I should go to bed too.

Oh the growing part.
She is trying to pull herself up and trying to crawl!!! She wants to eat everything I eat and gets very mad if I don't let her taste (I draw the line at kimchi Bayley). She says Ma and about a week ago she said yay!!!!! with feeling. Auntie Sarah witnessed this and she even used it in the right context. First word "yay"...? She is trying to pull herself up in her bathtub and on the couch. She also loves typing with Daddy. Grow Bayley Grow!!!! We love you SOOOOOO much!!!
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