Friday, October 17, 2008

Olive oil, fleas and a mad cat

Poor kitty. Yes this is Miss Kitty, the same cat in the other pictures. She got shaved the other day due to coughing up too many hairballs. Then I found some fleas...not a lot but enough to gross me out!!! I don't use insecticides which are pretty much all they have to kill fleas. They are bad for humans, animals and the environment and I don't want anything with the warning label HAZARDOUS TO HUMANS anywhere near our baby girl or us. So I sought out holistic treatments. My favorite one that seemed practical and cheap was an olive oil bath, so Chara and I got to work. I found some low quality olive oil and we put it all over Miss Kitty's entire body. What happens is since fleas have an ecsoskeleton, the oil breaks it down and they drown in it. It worked, the fleas just slid off into the bath water and were dead!! I know my house has some fleas still but I will tackle that with some borax and a vaccum tomorrow. Oh but the only bad part about the olive oil bath is that she is still kinda greasy(see pictures). We shampooed her several times but it hasn't all come out. I'm hoping it will act as a preventative and detour the fleas!!
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Jenny in Utah said...

That is just too sad - that poor cat looks miserable!!!