Friday, October 17, 2008

Bring your purple hat!!!

So today I took Bayley to JC Penney's for her 4 month old pictures. I really don't care for them too much for pictures but I do it anyways because it is affordable and she looks cute no matter what. I took her fed, napped and happy!! Good job I think, she was even all smiley while we waited!! I take her in to the room, quiet, not too bright or cold or hot thinking we will get some cute shots. I set her down on the little pillow and the lady starts making noises "googoo gaga" "bubububaaaaaaa" I was thinking it sounded so very ridiculous and Bayley would probably laugh or at least she did not. She stared at the woman for a long time with an extremely puzzled look on her face and with semi-disapproval. Then all of a sudden, my daughter turns beet red and is screaming at the top of her lungs worse than when she got her first vaccine. I picked her up and calmed her down. She was better almost instantly. So we tried again, same thing. She did not like this woman and kept giving her this glare that could have knocked you over. All the woman could say was "oh my". The funny thing was that everytime I picked her up Bayley would smile!! Needless to say we left the department store immediately. I always felt JC Penney's was a little bit evil because after you order your pictures and go pick them up they print extras and ask if you want to purchase them. Any parent is going to feel compelled to buy them so they don't get trashed (or maybe it's just me). The kicker is they are more expensive than the ones you already bought, and usually not your favorites!!! Maybe she sensed their trickery. Luckily Auntie Chara came over and took her 4 month old pictures!! I think they are way better anyways : ) No more department store photos for these girls.
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