Monday, September 29, 2008

Mom and Bayley have a tea party

Last week I took Bayley up to San Clemente for her Dr. appointment at the Sears clinic. It is such a fun little beach town so I decided we would make a day trip of it since it's about a 45 minute drive. Everything was great at her check up, she weighs 13 pounds!!! Go Bayley!!! I left the Dr. feeling proud and grateful and decided to take Bayley for a walk around the town. The weather was perfect, 75 and sunny and I could smell the ocean breeze as we walked down Del Mar Ave. I was getting hungry and Bayley was asleep so I was looking for somewhere relaxing to sit and eat that was baby friendly (not all eating establishments are). I came across the cutest tea parlor and it looked like the perfect spot. It smelled amazing-like fresh pastries, I was excited! I ordered a pot of vanilla chai tea, 2 scones and some fresh fruit. It was all so yummy, the scones just came out of the oven and I have been craving them ever since!!! Bayley was so good, she just looked around at all the decor and napped a bit. We continued our stroll and made it back to the car and home to San Diego without any issues. I was proud : ) We even stopped at the outlet mall and bought her a pair of jeans and some pj's. She is such a little angel, we are truly blessed to have such a good natured, sweet baby. We had such a fun day, I can't wait for more tea parties with my little girl.
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Jenny in Utah said...

That is sooooooooo sweet. I love all those little outings I did with my first - it looks like you two are getting along wonderfully! What a good mom you are!

linsey said...

how cute! i want a tea party! when you come here abbey, let's have one with all the girls in the family!