Thursday, September 20, 2012

10 good things

I really need to take a shower
Somehow writing seems more urgent. Hopefully this mini coronita will help my brain slow down and somehow spit out something meaningful which is always my intent.
So since it's been awhile and I like lists and i have a few hundred things on my mind...
1. I am so proud of my Husband!! He starts the Sheriff's Academy next month. He is doing an amazing job juggling all the crazy demands right now and I am so proud to be his wife. Love Love Love him!
2. We are moving into a beautiful condo in San Diego. I am so grateful that we were able to stay with my Mom and Grandma while we figured out what the heck we were doing. They have been such a huge help to us and I am so lucky to have them, I love them so very much.
3. Lyla is the sweetest and most relaxed baby and I feel so blessed to have her. She sleeps great, eats great and smiles and coos and talks. I am loving every second of her. At 2 months old she weighs 11 lbs 14oz and is 23 inches long (90 percentile)
4. Bayley has been in a choir class and is meeting new friends all over town. She is sooooooo amazing with Lyla. Her baby talk is hilarious!! She is always saying the funniest things! Tonight as i dished up her plate of food she said "quick mom, take a picture and put it on pinterest so other people can make it!!" I love her and her wild soul so much. Tonight we made her Rapunzel hair for her Halloween costume, it was so fun and pretty simple. I posted a picture on Facebook.
5. I really love cup of noodles
6. Would anyone want to come over to my new house and have a compassionate communication meet up?
7. I'm addicted to instagram and pinterest
8. Simplicity parenting is a great book and it's making me want to become a minimalist.
9. Today I went to Michaels craft store and I remember why I stopped going. I nearly had a craftastic anxiety attack with all the fall swag. scarecrows. freaking. everywhere.
10. Fall is my favorite season and I can't wait to go wine tasting in Julian and feel the gooey guts of a pumpkin in my palms. I'm not sure what it is, but my spirit craves Fall. Apple Cider, warmth, football gatherings, homey things and cinnamon candles. i dig it.
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The other day I had an assignment to do and it really got me thinking about people and our needs and how simple it is to be kind to ourselves and others.
So I shall share
I was asked to write down 10 good qualities about myself and ask 3 people to do the same for me. Easy enough, except I forgot and had to text 5 people at the last minute and have them text me the answers. Luckily they were awesome and delivered!
As I read them off I started crying, what beautiful things they had wrote. It made my heart so very happy.
And I began thinking...
we should all do this!! And it's easy, and its takes no time at all!!
10 good things
1. hard working 2. loving 3. compassionate 4. loyal 5. sensitive 6. smart 7. thoughtful 8. strong 9. creative 10.clean
1. Empathetic 2. kind 3. funny 4. passionate 5. fun 6. smart 7. sensitive 8. thorough 9. helpful 10. generous
1. Loving 2. Easy going 3. passionate 4. creative 5. strong 6. funny 7. amiable 8. young at heart 9. helping 10. determined
Linsey 1. kind 2. strong 3. faithful 4. wondrous 5. free spirited 6. funny 7. light hearted 8. generous 9. patient 10. creative
Rachel 1. compassionate 2. honest 3. gentle 4. thoughtful 5. calm 6. loving 7. warm 8. kind to people and planet 9. passionate 10. fun
Chara 1. Caring 2. strong 3. practical 4. responsible 5. cheerful 6. fun 7. kind 8. hard working 9. loving 10. nurturing
So go ahead, write 10 good things about someone and give it to them! And do it for yourself too!
Life is too short to focus on the bad!! There is so much positive!!
10 good things. Go!!

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