Thursday, August 2, 2012


As I lay here, a little one is sleeping deeply on my chest. This is where she sleeps the best and I plan to let here sleep here as much as she wants because I know that way too soon she won't fit here anymore. Lyla is 4 weeks old today and it feels like it has gone by in a matter of minutes. There is a bitter sweetness in watching babies grow right before my eyes. I love the squishy newborn stage. The cross eyed, tiny, so delicate freshness. Startles, a hundred diapers a day, being awake 20 hours a day, softest skin you've ever felt, watching eyelashes grow, pure bliss. It was so hard to believe that I could love another child as much as I love Bayley, I do. It's amazing. She nurses and sleeps and is so heavenly. She just started doing this high pitch cry that makes me think she's gonna be a singer like her sister. I love watching Bayley give her tons of kisses throughout the day. It makes me so happy. Bayley has been helping so much and she really is understanding of when Lyla has to eat (which is about every hour at times). I am so grateful of this precious time right now. I am trying to find a good balance of things and I know it will happen. Lyla, we are so happy that you are here. We have waited quite some time for you little angel. Goodnight Cuddles are awaiting me

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