Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A good day

My cleaning frenzy started early. I actually got 8 hrs of sleep last night so i woke up feeling great. We stayed home. It rained. We watched movies and I let Bayley play on the iPad too long. We snacked and drank chocolate milk. Bayley changed her dress 4 times. She took a mid day bath and splashed all over after I'd cleaned the bathroom. I felt the baby move. She helped me make dinner and we ate lentils, acorn squash and spinach and didn't watch tv. We talked. Yesterday morning she asked me over breakfast"so mama, what was your dream about?"
And this evening over dinner she asked me if boy mermaids have penis'. Hmmm that was a tough one, but I guessed yes. Then she told me girls have "paginas". Oh I love the innocence of this age. I Didn't yell today. I was confident and firm. I felt like I did a really good job today in the mom department. I felt balanced and I like that. I'm laying in bed under clean sheets listening to the rain. Yesterday was a busy day with new friends and I think it fueled me. And I'm nesting for sure. I just hope this continues. Adam comes home on Friday and I'm so glad because I need my other half.

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