Thursday, January 26, 2012

we are fine

sometimes i say "be careful" so many times in one day that i just start saying it automatically and  most of the time it is unnecessary. do i really need to tell my daughter to be careful as she hangs on to the end of the grocery cart as she has a hundred times before? does it make a difference?  how many times does a kid hurt themselves and the parent say " i thought i told you to be careful?"  doesn't that sound silly?  kids don't want to hurt themselves.  and as a parent i believe that making a child fearful of everything and everyone is much more damaging than a bump on the head or a broken bone.  don't get me wrong i want to protect my children, but i also want to protect thier future outlook on life.   i want to raise children to know that the world is a safe and nurturing place, because it is.  it is all in our perception.  i've watched the news and am well aware of the random dangers like getting ecoli from hamburger and children being abducted from shopping malls in the blink of an eye,  but are these the things i want to focus on? no.  i want to be aware, yes.  because awareness is our best defense to any catastrophe. but i don't want to live in fear of every minute and teach my child to do the same.

because at the end of the day, we are fine. 

and our biggest problem may be worrying about the next day.
i want to give more thought and intention to the good, the positive.
i do believe that my three and a half year old is much more aware than i am.  "mama, what is that black thing?"  "mama, we are by the mall!"  "mama, why do you smell like chocolate?"  She is fully tuned into all five senses at all times.  She isn't worried about bills or the dentist appointment she needs  to make.  She has no distractions and is fully present.  wouldn't that be a refreshing way to live?  to just know that everything is going to be fine and tune into the present moment with every ounce of your being.  
she is my guru and i have much to learn from her. 
when i am aware i don't default to "be careful" a hundred times over.
i engage, i respond, i show instead of tell.
i let it go

"what you do speaks so loud, i cannot hear what you say."    -Emerson

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Olivia : I am still learning said...

This completely hits home for me. I noticed today I said "shhh" when my son was just talking... but I completely am so use saying it to whining it's like programmed in my brian to whenever I hear a sound. I felt really bad and apologized to him.

I need to be more mindful what I say, I know I am guilty of the "be careful" or "see I told you to be careful"... I hate that :( I have some habits to break.

Anonymous said...