Sunday, July 4, 2010

big girl

introducing the big girl princess bed

tonight i squished into a toddler sized bed and put her to sleep.
she fell asleep shortly after asking for "a pickle mama??" and "a different bed?"
i stuck to my guns, she was fine
she is asleep in her big girl bed and i am happy.
it is at the foot of our bed for now since she is transitioning out of our bed.
oh how i love my Bayley and have enjoyed the two years of co-sleeping and snuggling,
but the snuggling has turned into a foot in the face and an almost black eye for mommy
and sleep is very precious to me
i love cheap polyester disney princess bedding that can get my big girl to sleep in a bed of her own.
and i love Adam for spending 2 hours putting 500 small pieces of wood together to finally make a bed
"dada made a bed" Bayley says, and yes he did.

I love you Bayley, Mama is so proud of you!!!

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linsey said...

WOW! yay! What a big girl and it's a beautiful bed! (yay for you and adam!)

UtahJenny said...

YAY ... we just put Russ in his bed this weekend!!! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

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