Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bayley highlights

says "I see sumpin out da weendow"

doing the stairs all by herself

wants to do EVERYTHING all by herself

loves to turn on music and dance and jump on the bed

loves ice cream with sprinkles and m&ms

loves to read books

just started liking to watch movies

sings happy birthday to us several times a day

loves broccoli and barbeque chicken

says "i need dat" to everything

loves princesses and knows all their names

said to me yesterday "ah man, what da heck"

splashes in the bathtub with her legs and thinks it is so hilarious that she belly laughs til she turns purple

when she hears a baby or kid crying says to me "mommy i want to help her".  so sweet!

can almost sing the whole abc song

loves taylor swift

says "doonin" instead of "doing"

talks more than i've ever heard a 2 yr old talk, i think she thinks she's 5

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