Monday, June 14, 2010

Bayley Boo is TWO!!!

she's two

i can't believe it

i remember when my mom and i went to paris when i was 5 months pregnant.  our main mission was to buy cute little baby girl clothes.  oh how fun it was wondering down cobblestone streets eating chocolate croissants and going into every baby store we came across.  petit bateau was my favorite.  simple, pretty colors and all cotton.  we bought several items in a variety of sizes.  my mom told me to get some things in bigger sizes.  it didn't seem as fun, but we found a pair of pink striped pajamas in 2T.  those pajamas were transfered from closets to drawers and moved houses and the whole time i couldn't imagine her fitting into them.

they fit now

and now i can hardly picture her tiny little 5 and a half pound and how she fit so perfectly in just one arm of mine.  i miss the little bitty baby days, and i am fighting back the tears as i write, but i am happy.  so happy.  because even though i miss the baby days, it's so much more fun now.

we talk...
and have tea parties...
and go to starbucks...
and read together...
and watch movies...

and i remember bringing her home from the hospital 8 long days after she was born and being the most nervous wreck in the world.  i remember thinking "just let her get bigger so i don't have to worry about her this much."  funny, that never happened.  but i do have a huge confidence in her and along with some parental supervision this girl can do anything!!!  and soon she won't even need that supervision and i will write and cry even more then. 

i am grateful that tonight i get to snuggle up with my girl and know she is healthy, happy and loved.

and 2!!!!

Happy Birthday Bayley Boo, I love you so very much!!!
you are so smart, it's actually starting to scare me!!!  i am so lucky to be your mama.  you teach me more and more everyday and make me want to do better.  you have an amazing soul and can do anything you want to do in this world.  lots of hugs and kisses
love forever and ever,

you will always be my tiny dancer!!!

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UtahJenny said...

So, so sweet - Happy Birthday to that sweet precious girl! You are such a good mommy - she is one lucky girl!