Wednesday, February 24, 2010

random bits of everydayness

i am so moved after reading SoulMama's The Creative Family.  i guess it just reaffirmed the many new thoughts i have against consumerism and  and how imagination and creativity are essential in life.  i read all 199 paged tonight, it was awesome.  

i have so many thoughts the past couple of days that i am struggling writing fast enough.

thanks to adam i had a great relaxing sunday and i went to yoga, the farmers market and just unwound. that's when i felt transformed.

yesterday i took bayley to the beach, we made cookies, we're planning a trip to reno for my great aunts birthday, i'm sewing, i'm trying to be better to myself and those around me, i feel inspired, i'm finally feeling okay about having to move (5 months after we moved ), i'm simplifying EVERYTHING, my daffodills are blooming.

getting over this bad cold has left me feeling grateful and energetic. 

bayley is forming sentences, like "hi dada" at 4am  and listing names of all her favorite family and friends
she really really loves the moon and the other day we were at this little cafe and she met a girl named luna, the next day we went to a mexican place in camarillo named "luna's" hmmmmm......what is the universe trying to tell us??

today bayley's friend riley came over and we had lot's of fun.  we painted, wore silly hats, danced, took a wagon ride. bayley was in heaven.  she calls him wiley woo.  at night i tell her a story and it starts off:  bayley boo and riley roo went and sailed the ocean blue.....she asks for it if i don't tell it. 

seriously, i could stay up all night writing all i am grateful for and how blessed we are, but i'll go to bed cause i'm tired.  xoxo

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Jenny in Utah said...

I totally have to go read that now! And I am just getting over a bad cold, too - I hope I get that energy boost soon! I still feel like going back to bed! ;)

Jake said...

Abbey- I read this entry and began to cry! I am trying to figure out why the tears are coming- I do love how much you love life and find beauty in simplicity and even the hard things. We need more people like you in the world. Love you!

This message will say it's from Jake but it's really from Corinne!