Monday, September 14, 2009

fifteen months

i'm not sure when i will stop posting every month....
maybe when she goes away to college??

if this month could be summed up in one word it would be....okay maybe two words independant and cute. too cute. she just learned how to say walk and it sounds like a person with an asian accent saying "wok" or sometimes she turns it into two words: "waa kkk" and pronounces more than one k. She's learning so much so fast it is truly the most amazing thing i have ever witnessed. Watching her grow and learn is more amazing to me than the seven wonders of the world (or however many there are??)

she also says milk "mulk"

as she is reaching this newfound independence and phasing out of her baby-ness (wiping tears) she does cling to me a little extra at times, and although it's usually not for long i eat up every second of it because i know one day she will probably want me to drop her off 5 blocks before school so she won't be embarrased. i love her recent shy smile/flirty little personality. most of the time she's all gung ho stopping people in the market and waving and exclaiming "hi" in such an adult manner people turn and wonder where it came from. but lately and only sometimes, she wants me to hold her while she clings to my arm and she smiles so coyly and flirtingly it makes me wonder what we're in for once she's dating....cause she's good. she's even got the head tilt and the eyelash batting goin' on.

and grandma taught her how to put her hand on her face and say "oh my" and it's the cutest thing ever.

this month also debuted her yoga exercises and her coordination and agility is improving by the minute. she can get in and out of her rocking chair with no help.

we love you Bayley boo

i think this is my favorite age....





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