Thursday, May 14, 2009

11 Months

doesn't that mean you're almost a year???
how can that be??
it was only yesterday you were this oh so fragile newborn preemie coming home weighing 5 pounds and i wa terrified i would break you some how.
even though i see you almost every second of every day, i watch you grow but i don't know how it happens. maybe everytime you take a bite of banana you grow a millimeter and get a little smarter?? or everytime you're showered with sun and fresh air your eyelashes get longer and your smile a little cuter??? i can't quite figure it out, but no matter how it magically happens i know one thing...

you have grown so beautifully into the most perfect as can be 11 month old and i am so proud to be your mama, i am the luckiest. you are so sweet and so smart and to top it all off the cutest baby in the whole world. thank you for being my perfect baby, you are so loved Bayley. Happy 11 months my Bayley boo!!!!

that's it after this month we start to count years, and i hope you have so many wonderful years you lose track of the number. but for now, mama is keeping track for you.

stuff you are doing
walking(with help)
laughing hysterically
packing suitcases(throwing clothes)

Love always, Mama

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