Monday, December 8, 2008


My cousin Emilee tagged me, thanks : )

Eight t.v. shows I watch:

the hills

desperate housewives

army wives

planet earth (not really a tv show, but I LOVE the series!!)

anything on the food network

gossip girl


jon & kate plus 8

Eight of my favorite restaurants

sushi fix

sushi ono

buon appetitto


la posta (taco stand)

la vache

point loma seafood

mona lisa

Eight things that happened yesterday

i made french bread and chocolate chip cookies

we went to the farmers market

bayley made me smile over 100 times

uncle ben and uncle gray came over

adam made his famous chili

bayley looked cuter than ever (that never happens!! lol)

we relaxed and watched football

i ate too many cookies

8 things i am looking forward to

cuddling with bayley tonight

adam coming home and cuddling with us in the morning (he's working all night : ( )

our wedding

going to ride the train in balboa park with bayley and my mom

going to michigan to visit family

seeing snow

going for a run tomorrow

watching bayley get cuter, smarter and sweeter everyday

8 things on my wishlist

chubby bayley cheeks-check

little bayley toes-check

crazy bayley giggle-check

a wonderful, handsome, perfect in every way husband who I adore-check

the determination to run at least 3 days a week....hmmmm

an empty to do list-ya right, no such thing for me

anything that makes bayley smile

the planet earth series on DVD

Eight things i love in no particular order

adam and bayley's matching dimples


bayley's smile

baby animals

lavender scented hot baths



holistic medicine

8 things i can't stand

black licorice



my internet provider-time warner, because it keeps disconnecting me from the internet and now i can't post this for the second night in a row.......grrrrr
can't think of anything else...

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