Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 2. Disheveled but happy

It's 645 am and we are at the canyon plaza resort
Next door there is a girl singing Adeles "rolling in the deep" and she's on repeat.
I am waiting patiently for my tiny pot of hotel coffee and really missing my 60 second keurig maker.
But I'm missing a lot of things and that's okay. Whenever I feel uncomfortable, or out of my element, that's when I know that the universe is arranging itself to accommodate my inner desires, hopes and dreams.
Comfort is good, but it's stagnant. Every once in a while my soul needs upheaval. Where I just leave it all up to God and know that these crazy days are what make up a life well lived.

Last night we ate dinner overlooking the Grand canyon, priceless experience. As I finished my glass of wine and approached the edge of the south rim, I got goosebumps. My jaw dropped and I just stood there in awe. If that isn't the best example of something made magnificent over time, then I don't know what is. I read that the bottom rock of it was over 2 billion years old. Baffles my mind. I wonder how cool I would be if I were 2 billion years old?

Oh and we saw bears and elk. Like 6 feet from our car. So freaking cool.

Bayley is a trooper, at 3 years old I know she kind of understands, but kind of is confused. But she just takes it all in and we do a lot of distracting and bribing with candy and presents. But don't worry, our new apartment is only 7 miles from a whole foods so we will be eating healthy again soon.

Next stop is albaquerque and I'm excited to see the red rock and another killer sunset and meet up with our friend.

My car is quite a sight, I had these dreams of being that super organized mom. The one with band aids and neosporin at arms reach. The one with ziplock baggies labeled for each day of the trip with goodies corresponding to the place we are at.
The one who has her shit together.
Nope, im lucky if I can hurl back a couple lollipops and a disheveled barbie.
Oh the barbies...
Looks like they had a long night on the town and now they all are crashing in random places in my car with fruit loops glued into their hair.
Maybe I'll try to organize?? Or maybe I'll leave it up to Adam, cause he's really good at that. Thank goodness!!

Signing off from 6500 feet.

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